Inside of OTera cafe

  Enter the entrance in the OTera cafe, Japanese style of flower arrangement (Ikebana) greets you.

We put our heart into arranging flowers (Ikenobou or free style) which are tought by supporters of Jugenji-temple.

Suikinkutsu (water harp cave) makes a pleasant sound in the cafe. You will also enjoy the smell of the incense unique to OTera cafe(Temple).

In the gallery, Japanese traditional design items are soled.

Feel free to visit the main hall of the temple to pray tribute to Amitabha. It will give you inner peace. How about resting in the hammmock at veranda after that?

(Hammock is set up during April to October except rainy day)

"How to pray tribute to Amitabha"

1 Sit on your heels at the front of Amitabha

2 Light a candle and then burn incese(about 1 to 3)

3 Calm yourself then Gassho raihai (join your hands in prayer)

4 Swear to keep calm and working hard then recite Namu Ami Dabutsu 

    ※Do not forget putting out of the candle