【Tea-ceremony guest experience】
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“Sado” or Tea ceremony is a traditional cultural activity of preparing, serving and presenting a cup of tea to the guest.

There is an important spirit in the world of Sado, which is “Ichigo-ichie”.

It suggests that you should value every each event and meeting because the exactly same situation can never happen.

It is very important for Sado practioners to keep this spirit in mind.

In this activity, the instructor will guide you how to behave in the tearoom. She will serve you a cup of matcha according to the manner of Sado.

Fees: 2000 yen / person

Up to 5 persons

Day: Thursday 〜 Monday, Reservation only

Time: 13:00〜

Please do not forget bringing a pair of white socks.

If you have Kimono or Yukata, the instructor will help you wearing them.

【Tea-ceremony guest experience】
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